Heroes can be eligible bachelors for the female character, "Tia".


The self-proclaimed hero. He is clumsy, gullible and always tries to save someone in danger but ends making a mess, his sword skills aren't so great. He failed to protect a girl he uses to play with seven years ago, and, ever since her death, he wears the flowers she gave him on his hat as a promise


that he will become a real hero.
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Close-up; Duran


The hero's best friend, a pickpocket. He's an orphan with no relatives, a boy angry at the world, and dislikes his social status. He gets jealous of the hero, because you're special unlike him. His jealousy leads to trust a demon's lies, and to betray you.
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Close-up; Rex




The desert swordman. He cannot use magic but his sword skills are first-rate. He is a silent, expressioneless "doll". He lost his heart and ended up controlled by Ollie,


but upon meeting you he got his heart back.


The General of the Waisen's army. He became a general for the army to bring Prince Valdo back to himself. Dreams to achieve the "ideal world".


He is the successor to the lost fifth school, The School of Fist-Fighting.
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Close-up; Heath

Prince ValdoEdit

The Prince of the Waisen Empire. He loved reading and was very kind until the Prime Minister of the Waisen Empire forced Valdo's body to become a vessel for the demon lord.

Years ago, a peace treaty with Kaleila was proposed but the demon lord inside Valdo's body broke that treaty, starting a war.

Prince Valdo

Most of Valdo conscience went to Dorothea's pet cat, Guri Guri. After the demon lord, Kullervo, was defeated, Valdo came back to his senses and former self, and then he fought to end the war.