Heroines can be eligible bachelorettes for the male character, "Yumil".


The popular girl in town. She is an orphan sick with an incurable disease, a kind and polite person who envy the hero's strong vitality but after a certain time the Book heals her disease but if the player chooses not to, she'd die.


Ac-fana s

Close-up; Fana

She was unable to leave her room due to her disease and currently lives with her grandmother Helen. She often sends dolls to orphanages to help a bit and the reason she sends dolls is because the only thing she has left from her mother is a doll.


A powerful sorceress. She is the master of the Southern Flight School and is called the Witch of Fog because of her immense potent in magic which makes people fear her, and to the point where even she fears herself so she uses only low-level spells.


She was temped by Ollie, and opened a sealed door which unleached a disaster. The disaster made Ellie lose her magic and Anwar, his heart.
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Close-up; Nanai


An arrogant elf. She is very confident and proud to be an elf, which makes her look down completely on humans, but she is actually a half-elf half-human, at first she ignores the subject, always thinking that she's a full-flenged elf


but by eavesdropping on her father she learns the truth.
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Close-up; Sylphy

Princess DorotheaEdit

The princess of Kaleila, only daughter of King Xenobart. She is spoiled and gets want she wants when she wants. Has a cat named Guri Guri. She signed the peace treaty with the Waisen Empire but it was broken due to the crimes of Prince Valdo, who was possesed by Kullervo, and started the war.

Dorothea and Guri Guri

She has a crush on Prince Valdo.
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Close-up; Dorothea

Lauca MeiaEdit

The cat-eared hunter. She is wild, cunning and childish. She hates humans especially when they smile while telling a lie. She looks young but is actually very old, she's on bad terms with the dwarf named Rudrud, who also lives in the forest.

She was once famous when she fought on the battlefield and then met Heath, they fought often but ended up becoming friends, but fighting started to get meaningless to her so she went to live peacefully in the forest.

Lauca Meia