Spirits help you in many ways, like how to battle or how to use the Book of Prophecy.

As the game continues you will find more Spirits to aid you in your quest.


The Fire Spirit with his arms sealed. He tutors you at the beginning of the game.


Rempo, The Fire Spirit

He is hot-headed, blunt, impatient and challenges, with no mercy, any enemy on sight. He doesn't get along with Neaki and he knows it.
Ac-rempo s

Close-up; Rempo

He advises the hero to go the Bomb School.


The Ice Spirit with her voice sealed. She is indifferent, passive, tsundere, and usually pessimistic

Mieli drives her crazy due of their constracting personalities but she does not hate her.

Neaki, The Ice Spirit

She also dislikes Rempo, whom she has an habit to shove around when addressed by.

She advises the hero to ally the Southern Flight School
Ac-neaki s

Close-up; Neaki


The Lighting Spirit with his eyes sealed. He is a Vanyar Elf.

He is kind-hearted, serious and caring, thought he does have a bad habit habit of always preaching

Ur, The Lighting Spirit


He is like a mediator for the Spirits.

He advocates the Sword School.
Ac-ur s

Close-up; Ur


The Forest Spirit with her legs sealed. She is kind, gentle, and compassionate but is quite impulsive.

The complete opposite of Neaki. A cheerful "anime schoolgirl" that often comments on the cuteness of others.

She likes the Hammer School.

Mieli, The Forest Spirit

Ac-mieli s

Close-up; Mieli